AACT seizes pirated DVDs worth Rs 18 million; makes 80 arrests

Mumbai: During January-February 2011, Alliance Against Copyright Theft (AACT), a coalition between Hollywood and Bollywood studios, seized close to 1,79,000 pirated DVDs along with making 80 arrests. The agencies have also seized 18 burners during their raids.

During the two months, the enforcement agencies have raided several roadside stalls, warehouses and retail stores at various prominent locations across Mumbai. On 26 January, 22,463 pirated DVDs were seized during a raid on a roadside stall in Malegaon of various Bollywood and Hollywood titles. On 30 January, the team conducted a raid on warehouse in Beniapukur, near Marina Hotel seizing 32,655 pirated DVDs. On 25 January, 4000 DVDs were seized from a warehouse in Samata Nagar (in Kandivli (E)) along with 16 DVD burners, whereas 12,000 pirated DVDs were seized from a retail shop in Ulhasnagar-1 on 2 February 2011.

During this period, several raids were also conducted across North India where close to 15,000 pirated DVDs were seized along with 1200 inlay cards. The police and enforcement agencies also made four arrests during these raids.