Aamir strikes gold at BO; Ghajini previews rake Rs 70 mn


Mumbai: Aamir Khan’s Ghajini has struck gold at the box office with its paid previews on Day 1.

The movie had 650 paid previews that were held across multiplexes in India. According to information available with Businessofcinema.com, these paid previews have already brought in revenues of Rs 70 million (Rs 7 crores) on Wednesday (24 December).

The movie opens on 25 December across India. It has garnered 100 per cent advance till Monday (29 December), which is unprecedented. Moreover, the distribution team is also trying to increase the number of prints to meet the demand.

Addressing the media after the movie’s trial show, Aamir Khan says, "The movie has got four times more advance booking than normal. There is a lot of excitement country wide with the movie having a massive print release."