Abhishek Bachchan Up, Close and Personal on CNN-IBN

Mumbai: In an exclusive show Abhishek: Up Close and Personal on CNN-IBN the actor talks about his first hand experience with terror, his identity beyond his father and the rumors that constantly hound his family.

From his family getting caught in the crossfire with Raj Thackeray’s language politics to escaping the deadly blasts in Delhi, actor Abhishek  has had a week closer to reality than Bollywood. In conversation with Suhasini Haider, the actor opens up on life with Aishwarya Rai, on trying to step out of Amitabh Bachchan’s shadow and his career. On the lighter side, the interview even brings out interesting revelations like the choreography of the popular song "Khaiyke Paan Banaye Raaswala" was inspired by the dance steps of Junior Bachchan on the sets. For more of the conversation viewers can catch the actor on CNN-IBN on Friday, 19 Sep. 10 pm and Saturday, 20 Sep, 11.30 am.