Aksh Optifibre revamps VoIP as Pigeon VoIP Service

Mumbai: Aksh Optifibre in association with MTNL, unveiled its revamped VoIP service as Pigeon VoIP service in Delhi and Mumbai, as a part of their branding strategy. Aksh undertook the revamping exercise to connect with the consumers and to bring in change on the way technology is perceived by consumers.

Pigeon symbolizes trust and since ancient times has been synonymous with deliverance of messages over a long distance. The brand color green signifies freshness, and environment friendly usage.  Customer of Pigeon VoIP service will be able to make international calls from their MTNL line using any telephone instrument without the need of a PC or any other device, hence highlighting the Pigeon ease of use. Pigeon stands for its tagline ‘Change is calling, say hello’ which redefines the rule of how a telephone is to be used focusing on usage rather than call charges. Aksh has adopted a 360 degree marketing campaign for reaching out to customers and making them aware of the future telephony: Pigeon VoIP.

Aksh Optifibre Ltd MD Dr. Kailash S. Choudhari said "Only those businesses that adapt to evolving times and the needs of the new generation will be sustainable in the long run. To woo the customers of changing India, a successful technology has to have a lot more than just cost effectiveness. It has to respond quickly to the voice of the customer based on a regular review of its customer satisfaction index. Value added services combined with convenience and interactivity is the need of the hour. Pigeon VoIP service will provide all the above and more.  Aksh is uniquely advantaged as a solution provider for a service that can potentially reach over 7 million MTNL customers"

Pigeon VoIP Service (Voice over Internet Protocol) will be available to Broadband customers of MTNL. The VoIP uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) for transporting voice packets.

The Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) Booking Charges and Fax Facility are all free of cost. With Rs 100 as the first time registration charge and Rs 150 per month for 400 minutes, to over 120 countries, it will facilitate seamless communication.