Akshay Kumar’s daredevil stunts in new Thums Up ad

MUMBAI: Akshay Kumar is getting back to the action genre. While that is obvious in his film, Chandni Chowk to China, Akshay’s action stunts can once again be seen in the latest Thums Up commercial, which was shot in Australia.

Says an eyewitness who was involved with the shoot, "Akshay’s stunts are nothing new in the ad, but the way it has been picturised is really great. The ad was shot over four days and each stunt was meticulously planned out."

Some of the stunts expected to be seen are bungee jumping, rock climbing and some underwater scenes. But the cola company is very secretive about it as they are planning to launch the campaign in a big manner at the end of the month. And keeping in mind Kumar’s penchant for daredevilry, we can expect 60 seconds of sheer action.