Allah Ke Bandey partners with UNICEF

MUMBAI: Faruk Kabir’s Allah Ke Banday starring veteran Naseerudin Shah and Sharman Joshi has entered into an association with UNICEF that works towards ensuring each child born in the country gets the best start in life, thrives and develops to his or her full potential.

UNICEF not only associated with Allah Ke Bandey but also proactively provided pictures, footage and statistics related to the issues of children the world over.

The film that spans the life of two young children deals with various socio-economic problems that plague many a lives that represent the future of this country.

Director Kabir said, “Allah Ke Banday tells us “What Is”; and gives us a profound message as to what “Can Be.” The film compels us to question the Indifference and the Initiative needed. The statistics provided by UNICEF are horrifying.”