ARRI, Whistling Woods present ARRIFLEX Digi Camera Workshop


Mumbai: ARRI’s Germany senior technical support coordinator, camera department Oliver Temmler conducted a workshop at Whistling Woods International recently to present the ARRIFLEX D 21 Digital Camera.

At the workshop, Temmler explained the salient features like the camera can output raw data, also known as ARRI RAW , which is the purest HD signal.

The ARRIFLEX D-21 and D-21 HD combine leading edge digital technology with film camera features that have been refined over ARRI’s 90-year history. They allow directors and cinematographers to shoot in the same way as they would with 35 mm film, while taking advantage of the immediacy and economy of digital acquisition.

This camera can also mount 35 mm lenses with its PL mount, solving the depth of field problems for cinematographers.

"ARRI workshop  are now a part of our curriculum in Whistling Woods International as they come up with high end cameras that we can work on during our projects", said a student of cinematography at WWI.