B4U Music gets Ghajini actress Asin on Star Stop

Asin B4U Story

Asin B4U Story
Asin B4U Story
Mumbai: With Aamir Khan and Asin-starrer Ghajini slated to release soon, B4U Music will be interviewing the lead actress Asin on its show B4U Star Stop.

B4U VJ Salil gets Asin on board and speaks to her on B4U Star Stop.

B4U Star Stop is a show where stars talk about their personal review of the film and share anecdotes of their experiences during the making of the film. According to Asin, her foray into Bollywood is a natural transgression from Tamil to Hindi remake and not a calculated move to Hindi cinema. She says she is an extremely harsh critic of herself and constantly wishes to improvise.

Anecdotes of tempting Aamir into eating ice creams whilst following a strict diet and workout regime gives a a glimpse of her impish side. The extremeties of weather during the shoot and her rapport with her director, are some other stories she related during the interview.

The show will be aired on 25 December at 7.10 pm.