Bikram Saluja’s new innings takes off

MUMBAI: Bikram Saluja is back in business. The actor has been busy penning his thoughts for a pictorial book titled, An Actor’s Inspiration. His book is being kept under wraps as he is on the lookout for a title sponsor.

But the actor is now making news for his obese look in the film 42 kilometres. Says Saluja, "The film is loosely based on the life of businessman Anil Ambani. Since I could not put on weight as the shooting started a month after I signed the film, we went in for a make up that gave me that bloated look. But I used to steep weights on my leg which automatically gave me the heaviness."

The story of 42 kilometers is of a businessman who is forced to lose weight as his investors find his weight and failing health a risky proposition. To overcome that, he starts running to lose weight and finally participates in a marathon.

42 kilometers is all set to release on the 23rd of January.