BMC removes Zee Muzic’s Kareena Kapoor hoarding

MUMBAI: In a move reflective of its regressive attitude and poor judgment, the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) ordered the immediate removal of Zee Muzic’s outdoor hoardings featuring Kareena Kapoor on grounds of obscenity. Located at the Worli Naka Flyover, the hoarding announced the glamorous actress as Zee Muzic’s ‘Eye Candy of the Month’.
Shocked at the idea of an aesthetically shot creative of his channel being pulled down by the BMC, Zee Muzic business head Irshwin Bhalwani said, “Since when did good looking become obscene? We strongly believe that our creative featuring Kareena is chic and stylish. Zee Muzic will never associate itself with a creative aimed at merely titillating the masses. We are very disappointed with BMC’s unreasonable action.”
Looking stunning in a white dress, Kareena is hardly the picture of obscenity. In a city marred by far graver concerns, the BMC must certainly have more important tasks at hand than tearing down seemingly harmless advertisements of music channels.