Bollywood actor John Abraham to appeal against 15 days jail term

MUMBAI: Bollywood actor John Abraham will appeal against the verdict of 15 days prison given to him by a local court. Abraham feels that he has every chance of getting a relief by filing this appeal.

The Bandra court on Thursday held Abraham guilty of rash driving and sentenced him to 15 days simple imprisonment. He was also fined Rs 1,500 for causing an accident and injuring two men when his motorcycle hit a cyclist late night on Khar Danda Road in April, 2006.

In a prepared statement, John Abraham said, “This is a clarificatory statement. I will not be taking any Questions and will urge and request you to ensure that the full statement and not a selectively edited one be published I am a law abiding citizen. I will be appealing this verdict and will go to every length to have this verdict appealed. I am advised that I have a good chance of succeeding the appeal. I am also clarifying with this statement – only because I am a Public figure and in all modesty I do have a large Youth Interaction who look to me for guidance and leadership and inspiration and I don’t want them to feel or take away that when wronged we do not fight for what is right. I also want to categorically state that I have the highest regards for the judicial system of our great country and this is more a personal clarification. I felt compelled to make due to public life I also lead than I commenting in anyway on any judicial view.”