Celina Jaitely signs second Hollywood film

MUMBAI: Actress Celina Jaitley has been tapped to star in the historical epic film The Quest Of Sheherzade. The international production will recount the tales of the legendary 1001 Nights woven by a mystical warrior princess, Sheherzade.


Producer Shani Rigsbee says, “I was aware of Celina’s work and was anxious to meet and discuss the project. After our meeting we knew that she truly had the sensitivities and passion for the subject matter, which aside from her obvious beauty, were incredible attributes we felt necessary for our project.”


The film’s executive producer Deborah Davis adds, “Our version of the Sheherzade story will be approached as a Hollywood style epic, which will be cinematically beautiful and also story driven. We are planning to appeal to an international audience and Celina is the perfect leading lady.”


“It’s a great opportunity to be associated with the project, especially since there are two A-list Hollywood stars, one senior and one junior opposite me. I would like to explore and experiment with different kind of cinema. In fact being fluent in German, I would like to do a German film too,” adds Jaitely.


However, Jaitely says that Bollywood will always remain priority for her.