Chak De! voted year-end best on CNN IBN, NDTV

MUMBAI: Yash Raj Films’ blockbuster Chak De! India won accolades from viewers of TV news channels CNN-IBN and NDTV’s year-end polls. Indian viewers voted the Shah Rukh Khan starrer as Best Movie of the Year at a year end poll conducted on CNN-IBN. Simultaneously, the title song of the film Chak De! India was voted the best song of the year on a similar poll conducted on NDTV.

Yash Raj Films chairman Yash Chopra said, “Chak De! India was made with love and passion and the people of India responded to it with equal love and passion. We are glad to have made a movie that touched the emotional and patriotic nerve of so many Indians, and gratefully accept this honour that the viewing public has bestowed upon Chak De! India at the end of the year.”

The CNN-IBN award was received by Chopra along with the director of the movie Shimit Amin and script writer Jaideep Sahni. The win of the movie’s title track also came as a pleasant surprise because so far the movie has been talked about for its screenplay, direction and acting rather than for the songs. But the song has turned out to become an anthem for Indians with its Punjabi beats and meaningful lyrics.

This award was received by Yash Raj Films CEO and director Sanjeev Kohli, Chak De! India director Shimit Amin and Chak De! India music director Salim Merchant.