Drona comic books to hit book shelves by 30 September

Mumbai: Drona’s first comic book titled The Crowning; first in the series titled The Adventures of Drona, will hit across various departmental and book stores by 30 September.

The book is a prologue to the movie and appropriately establishes the legacy of Drona’s character. The Crowning comic book is a 32 pager; glossy papered one. It is quick to read from start to end, so quick that one feels the book should have had more reading matter.

The subsequent comic books in the series will establish Sonia (Priyanka Chopra) and Riz Raizada’s (Kay Kay Menon) characters.

"We realized the potential of making Drona comic books while working on the merchandise with Turner. Some parts of this comic book will be seen in the movie also. We plan to publish a series of books after this one," said producer Shrishti Arya.

It is priced at Rs 50 and is being distributed by Euro Kids. In the first phase 20,000 copies will be circulated across Shoppers Stop, Future Group and various other stores.

In addition to the comic books various other merchandise goodies like clothes, swords, mugs, books, tiffin boxes, e-cards etc. too will be sold across stores.