Eight scripts selected for Film Bazaar’s Screenwriters’ Lab

Mumbai: The Screenwriters’ Lab being held in Film Bazaar in association with Binger Filmlab, Netherlands, and the Entertainment Society of Goa, will cover eight scripts.

The scripts selected for the workshop are Akhtari (Saroj Satyanarayan), Catching India (Piccolo Sood), Death of Madhu Ambat (Madhu Ambat), Hero (Mangesh Joshi), Kagaz Ki Kashti (Rajan Khosa), Phiroza’s Garden (Madhuri Iyer), Swaraj (Nitin Kakkar), and The End of the Road (Gyan Correa). 

The mentors for the Screenwriters’ Lab are Philippa Campbell, producer from USA, Franz Rodenkirchen, script editor and doctor from Germany, Udayan Prasad, director and actor, and Sooni Taraporevala, script writer. The workshop will be co-ordinated by Marten Rabarts, Binger Filmlab. Binger Filmlab director Ido Abraham will also conduct pitching sessions as part of the Screenwriters’ Lab for all the writers.  The workshop is from 26 – 30 November in Goa.