Enlighten Film Society launches Italian Film Festival

MUMBAI: Enlighten Film Society has launched The Italian Film Festival, which will exhibit works from Italy, beginning from the neo-realist masterworks in the 40s, to their modernist counterparts beginning in the late 50s and until their advent into post-modernity in the 80s.

Beginning 1 April 2011, the society will screen films such as Vittorio De Sica’s Shoeshine, Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, Guiseppe Tornatore’s Cinema Paradiso,  Nani Moretti’s The Son’s Room, every Sunday at Cinemax, Metro Big Cinemas and NCPA. 

The festival will emphasize the unique sound film aesthetic produced by Italian cinema since the 40s, whilst at the same time maintaining the austere form of moving images in succession that characterized the austere practice of silent film making.

Enlighten Film Society president Pranav Ashar said, “Enlighten believes Italy to be amongst the most important film producing countries. Our selection hopes to contrast the earlier Neo-Realist practices with the formalist and narrative practices that emerged there after the 60s. Also Italy this year has completed 150 years being a united nation. In our way we are celebrating it with the Italian Film Festival.”