Excel Home Videos releases Federico Fellini’s films on DVD

Mumbai: La Dolce Vita and 8½, two masterpieces of acclaimed Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini have been released in India on DVD by Excel Home Videos and NDTV Lumiere.  

Fellini is considered as one of the finest luminaries in the history of the medium. He introduced a nouveau-chic to cinema, and in the process influenced future international filmmakers with his singular and surreal vision. During the course of his career, Fellini’s films won five Academy Awards and garnered an extraordinary 26 nominations. In 1992, he received an Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement. At the peak of Fellini’s career, his work reflected a style so distinctively poetic, flamboyant, and influential that only the term Felliniesque could accurately describe it.

Bonus features included in the DVDs are- About the movie, About the director, Filmography, Awards, Screenings and Poster.