Fanaa to Delhi 6: Revenue sharing drama unfolded

MUMBAI: Indian multiplexes & producers/distributors have been roiling in controversy since the last three years.

It began with Yash Raj Films’ Aamir Khan – Kajol starrer Fanaa in 2006. Even as multiplexes bowed down to the demands of the veteran film producer, the next one to follow suit was Vidhu Vinod Chopra who demanded a higher share for Lage Raho Munnabhai.

Prior to the release of every big and medium sized movie, negotiations would be held and decisions would be reached only on the very eve of the film’s release. Some movies lost out on their Friday release, some didn’t release until Sunday and yet some didn’t release in multiplexes for almost a week. The result — a loss incurred by both parties alike, not to mention the fact that audiences were also deprived of their weekend dose of movies!

Year-on-year, a handful of movies were victims of this controversy. The issue finally reached its climax with UTV Motion Pictures’ Delhi 6, which was the last nail in the coffin for both producers and multiplxes alike.

Negotiations went kaput after the release of Delhi 6 in February this year and the film industry is on the brink of coming to a standstill from 4 April onwards. Even four days after both parties came out and washed their dirty linen in public, a decision on the matter is still awaited. While many producers are going ahead with the shooting of their new movies, the greater dilemma lies for the films that are ready for release.

Over the last three years, has been privy to the developments around this issue. Here, we chart out the path this controversy has taken since 2006.


Vidhu Vinod Chopra firm on his stand against multiplexes for Lage Raho Munnabhai
31 August, 2006

Multiplexes mum on revenue sharing terms for Lage Raho Munnabhai
31 August, 2006

Munnabhai multiplex issue resolved
1 September, 2006

Lage Raho Munnabhai releases after strenuous conflicts with multiplexes
2 September, 2006


Sony, Eros negotiate for equal shows, terms
19 October, 2007

Sony & Eros’ multiplex battle continues
22 October, 2007

Sony Pictures signs with multiplexes for Saawariya
03 November, 2007

Eros, multiplexes resolve OSO share issue
06 November, 2007

UTV, multiplexes disagree over Goal’s terms
19 November, 2007

Studio 18 eyes OSO revenue share for Welcome
07 December, 2007

Multiplexes still stay away from Welcome
18 December, 2007


PVR & multiplexes settle on revenue terms
21 December, 2007

Multiplexes take a stand on revenue share terms
22 December, 2007


Revenue share imbroglio: Jodhaa Akbar no show
14 February, 2008

Yash Raj pitches highest ever terms for Aditya Chopra’s film
1 April, 2008

Yash Raj & multiplexes resolve Krazzy 4 revenue issue
08 April, 2008

All India multiplexes unite for no Tashan play
24 April, 2008

YRF, multiplexes settle for all films; Tashan screens 3 May
03 May, 2008

Multiplexes halt advance booking for Heroes & Roadside Romeo
21 October, 2008

Multiplex & YRF’s Romeo issue resolved; bookings open
22 October, 2008

Multiplexes, Heroes issue resolved except for Dhanbad
23 October, 2008


Sony Pictures, multiplexes differ on revenue terms for Raaz
21 January, 2009

Raaz all India release held up due to Nizam territory terms
22 January, 2009

UTV & multiplexes resolve Dev D revenue sharing terms
05 February, 2009

Producers’ Guild to meet exhibitors over revenue shares
05 February, 2009

Producers, exhibitors hold discussions on revenue shares
09 February, 2009

Post Delhi 6 film releases on hold till rev share issue settled
19 February, 2009

Revenue sharing imbroglio continues; Delhi 6 latest victim
19 February, 2009

Delhi 6 revenue share terms resolved in multiplexes’ favour
19 February, 2009

Prod, exhibitors negotiations on; only Tasveer to release
03 March, 2009

YRF to release New York on 1 May if rev terms resolved
06 March, 2009

Rev share: Producers put forth woes; plexes to do so next
10 March, 2009

Exhibitors insist on performance linked revenue share
17 March, 2009

‘If multiplexes kill us, they will definitely die’: Mukesh Bhatt
17 March, 2009

Two sides of a coin: Film producer & exhibitor perspective
19 March, 2009

The way forward from here on will be one to watch out for.