Film Review: Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories
Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories
Bedtime Stories
Film: Bedtime Stories

Director: Adam Shankman

Cast: Adam Sandler, Keri Russell, Courtney Cox, Russell Brand

: 2.5/5

Just a funny thought; imagine spending a good thousand rupees on a film that brings a smile to your children’s face and an expression of boredom to yours. Worth it or not you have to judge that yourself.. Watching Bedtime stories, all one is reminded of is the tedious film called Kismat Konnection.   

Like Kismat Konnection this film too looks at destiny in a rather amusing way. This one too is about saving a to be demolished building and has the standard lady love as well. Not to say that the two films are identical or similar, Bedtime stories that way does manage to bring an interesting twist with the weaving of fairy tale like stories and a good doze of special effects.

More precisely, the film is about Skeeter Bronson (Adam Sandler) and his life changing experiences through the bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew. Stories he tells them suddenly begin turning true and eventually he begins telling them tales that he wants to idealize. In this superb plan features his desire to run the new hotel project by Mr.Nottingham and winning love. But eventually things go topsy-turvy and it’s up to him to set things straight, winning both over.   

There really isn’t a story here except the fact that the film seems more disjointed with its constant dive into bedtime stories. As a premise the film is interesting but once it starts, barring a few scenes here and there the film does not offer much to be entertained with.

By far the most entertaining character or creature so to speak in the film is Bugsy the overgrown hamster. Sadly Sandler’s comic reputation precedes him and if you have seen much of his work, this film has him do nothing new. Even the humor in the film is limited to a few scenes that are spread through the film, and one keeps waiting for that moment.

The thing with this film is that it is as bland as baby food. Shanakman who in the past has given some memorable films like Hairspray and Bringing Down the House disappoints with this film.

 The characters are not well etched and there is nothing new about the film. You are introduced to a few characters and then they are forgotten only to be revisited later for a brief period. You are taken to these fable lands for a few minutes again to be brought back to screen reality. Everything seems so half baked that you are sitting there trying to figure out the larger picture and the scheme of things.

 On the plus side, the film will certainly get a lot more laughs from the kids than the adults. It does have the cute, docile feel to it. It’s smartly made with all the sugary nice elements; like one goofy character, a cute animal, the super sweet aunt, the passive villain and the winning of good over evil.

The great thing is that these elements when put together work for a good bit of the film. Technically, the film is shocking. For a film by Walt Disney the animation and special effects seen are rather substandard, especially because you have seen them come up with better work. The film is well edited.

When it comes to performances, you really don’t know what most of the actors are doing. Cox is more of an extra in the film than anything else. She walks in leaves her kids with Sandler and is off the screen only to be back later for a brief bit. You want to see more of her, especially because you know she’s great with comedy.

 Russell as Sandlers love is effective but fails to deliver a noteworthy performance. Sandler is Sandler and nothing else. He is the same and fails to create magic. Brand seems like a misfit and shows his acting helplessness. The kids are no great either. By far Bugsy the hamster is the cutest and is perhaps the only reason to watch this film.

The good thing is Bedtime stories does not put you to sleep! It is decently enjoyable and will have your kids smiling. This film is highly recommended for home viewing with your kids, buying cinema tickets plus having to find a place to park you car is too high a price to pay for this film.