Film Review: Karzzzz


Film: Karzzzz

Director: Satish Kaushik

Cast: Himesh Reshammiya, Urmila Matondkar, Shweta Kumar, Dino Morea

Producer: Bhushan Kumar

Banner: T-Series, Big Pictures

Rating: 2.5/5

In the wake of financial crisis, when one walks into a theatre to watch a movie, the last thing one needs to sight eyes upon is hogwash. A remake it is, but not in the best taste.

A remake of the Rishi Kapoor starrer Karz, the same is now Himmesh Reshamiya’s Karzzzz. The film is the journey of Ravi (Dino) to Monty (Himmesh). Traversing the paths of rebirth, the act of God, a mothers affection and tons of hummable songs. Kamini (Urmila) in a bid to swindle property from rich man Ravi Verma (Dino) marries him only to have him brutally murdered. But fate has a different story in store in the name of superstar Monty (Himmesh), who incidentally is Ravi reborn. No electric shock, no mishap, but a sudden tune triggers past memories. What ensues is Monty’s hunt for his long lost family, revenge over Kamini and but of course a love interest in the name of Tina (Shweta Kumar).

When was the last time you saw God play such an important role in a film? The early 90’s perhaps? Never in recent times have we seen maa ka pyaar act as the centrifugal force for a whole film. And maybe there was a reason to it, called ‘moving on’. Agreed, taking an age old concept, shuffling it and remaking it with a whole lot more action and the same undiluted drama is fun. But then coupling it with over the top acting by one character and no acting from other characters is not the best balance. Everything from the "Kaun ho tum" dialogues to the elongated "Nahinnnn" from the over acting to the inclusion of a forced villain is there in this film, certainly amusing at times and reminiscent of old times. True that the sheer transportation to a time not many remember is simply wonderful, where is the reason to watch this film and not the old one, especially if one wants to feel nostalgic.

In all honesty the film could have been no other way and that’s simply the best way to put it. You couldn’t have made it look classy; the punch would have been lost. Nor could you have made it bare, it wouldn’t make sense. Fair enough, but the resultant product is not that great. This film finds itself altered a wee bit, and that is hampering. Also the dialogues in most places seem repetitive and a film that could have been shorter is slightly elongated.

Technically the film is not that great. The editing in some places is bad and character buildups are simply wasted. Perhaps in a bid to add some edge, the film goes overboard. The camerawork however is good, but then fails to explore some really fantastic shots. Even the framed scenes fail to mesmerize in some parts, where it could have. All said and done the music of the film is fantastic. A must mention are the costumes. The ill fitted, over the hilt, ludicrous clothes and make up have you smiling throughout. Its small things like these that get you conversational and act as a source of entertainment.

One really can’t get over the film. It has no moral, no social element; its pure escapism and that’s great. Watch Matondkar act and then over act to prove a point. Watch her exaggerate when Monty confronts her in the woods. Or watch her act all hip and princess like, thoroughly unconvincing, bringing sadness to your face. A fine actress like her is reduced to giving such a tepid performance. Reshammiya in his new avatar is enjoyable. He fights, cries and after Aap Ka Suroor, even acts. Kumar however is stiff through the entire film. Morea in his minuscule role is good.

Don’t bother going in expecting a masterpiece, because you won’t get it. Karzzzz has the twists, drama, emotions, action and love, what it lacks majorly is some convincing performances.