Film Review: Oh My God!!

Oh, My God!!

Oh, My God!!
Oh, My God!!
Oh, My God!!
Oh, My God!!

Film: Oh My God!!

Director: Sourabh Shrivastava

Cast: Vinak Pathak, Saurabh Shukla, Divya Dutta, Gaurav Gera

Rating: 1/5

Oh My God! The words pretty much describe the film. It might very well be a film from the heart, but when it boils down to its execution the film is very poorly done. Bollywood films for long have had an association with the divine, especially through the medium of cinema. While earlier in the days we saw rays of light emerging from the idols of our Gods, today we see actors essaying the role of God. Point being, it wasn’t convincing then and it still isn’t now.

This film is essentially a drama with loads of comedy entwined in it. With Saurab Shukla playing God, this film is all about one mans earnest attempt to earn moolah. Rajendra (Vinay Pathak) is an honest John, who sees the path to wealth lies in him selling money making schemes to anyone and everyone he can find. But then on the flip side there is no one interested in his schemes. Bummed with life and having been fired from his work, he turns depressed. In this hour of need, playing the stereotypical good wife Suman (Divya Dutta) begs god to solve her husbands problem. Presto! God answers her prayers and drops off a suitcase leaded with money. But the honest man in Rajendra finds himself confused and is bent on getting rid of the money. While God is busy giving, this man just won’t accept; eventually realizing the true meaning of life.

The primary problem with this film is that it tries to be preachy, with a hidden motive and moral woven in it. Furthermore the film seems so slapdash and rushed, even if one was to assume that’s the feeling they were going for, its just not compelling. If the actors were to talk any slower and the dialogues any more long, you’d probably end up sleeping. There is lack of interest in both the manner in which the film is showcased and the actors as well.

Even technically the film seems unpolished. Jerky and out of focus shots seem to be the norm in this film. While the music has been used well in this film, the minimal use of effects, DI and any sort of correction is evident and hampering. It’s as though the film had to meet a deadline and this was the best one could come out with, patchiness. The editing is evidently poor, for if otherwise the film would have been far better. The film’s pace is terribly slow and not that there is any difference, pre and post interval. The monotony of Rajendra’s life is shown through the monotony of his actions; sadly it truly is strenuous even to watch.

The lesser said about the performances the better. Pathak who just gave a good performance in Dasvidaniya, is seen overdoing his part in this film. Dutta’s ability to perform is undermined and in the little she gets, she does a fair job. Shukla as God is not just unimpressive but is weak as well. Gera’s character as Shukla’s friend is simply forced and so is the acting.

Had the film been treated with a little care, perhaps the outcome would have been different. But with this as the final product, it’s just dire.