Film Review: Raaz- The Mystery Continues

Raaz - The Mystery Continues

Raaz - The Mystery Continues
Raaz – The Mystery Continues
Raaz - The Mystery Continues
Raaz – The Mystery Continues
Raaz - The Mystery Continues
Raaz – The Mystery Continues
Raaz - The Mystery Continues
Raaz – The Mystery Continues
Film: Raaz- The Mystery Continues

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Mukesh Bhatt

Director: Mohit Suri

: Kangana Ranaut, Adhyayan Suman, Emraan Hashmi, Jackie Shroff

Rating: 2/5

Raaz The Mystery Continues is more of a thriller flick than being a horror film. Normally you end up laughing your guts out at the so called Indian horror films. That is not because they are bad but because over and over again you end up seeing the same thing; basically they are very predictable.

This film is pretty much the same, the only difference is that the first hour and half there isn’t that much attempts at scaring.

The film starts off with Nandita (Kangana Ranaut) a supermodel of sorts and her lover boy Yash (Adhyayan Suman) who is the host of a supernatural television serial. For a little less than an hour all you see is their love blossom.

 A few love scenes later you see a hysterical Nandita who seems troubled with weird incidents happening to her, from her wrist getting cut to being drowned. So here enters Prithvi (Emraan Hashmi) who manages to see her troubles and draw them before they happen to her. With initial hesitation she eventually seeks him for help.

Then begins the journey of zeroing on the haunting, the haunted and getting behind it all. At the crux of it all there is deceit, love and a rather good hearted ghost.

RTMC is well crafted no doubt and kudos to Suri for that. The truth is that the film relies on the craftsmanship of Suri and the crew rather than having a strong story to tell. There simply isn’t a strong enough tale to tell beneath it all.

 The film is here there and everywhere, from a troublesome ghost to absurd suicides to eventually finding reason in some pesticide plant. The film tries to find reason but as a viewer there just isn’t a strong one you want to go with. You sit through the film and and laugh when the climax unfolds.

Like all horror films, this too makes use of closed spaces, music, screeching sounds and the quintessential ghost to bring about a spooky feel. The sad thing is it’s just not scary. The scare comes in towards the end of the film and so essentially you have sat through about two hours of blandness before you get a little fearful.

 The film seems like a creative effort stemming out after watching some great horror flicks. There is too much happening in the film that eventually the horror quotient is reduced drastically.

On the plus side the film is stylish. It looks great, it’s well edited and the music is good. The shots captured on the camera are also well done. Stereotypically horror films have always used colors like blues yellows, browns, a bit of reds and this one is no different; the good thing is that it works just as well as it does in the other films.

 On the other hand this film feels like a hangover of 1920. There are a few scenes that make you dig into your seat, like the scene where Hashmi creeps in on Ranaut in the lift or the scene where Suman is at the ATM trying to withdraw cash which are some of the well crafted scenes.

Nevertheless the makeup is bad, the spirits or ghosts or whatever they are look like some masquerade ball attendees.  When it comes to performances Hashmi does a decent job. He shuttles between acting his part and looking bored. Suman doesn’t manage to entertain nor does he make an impact. Ranaut does a great job, if there is a reason o watch the film it’s her. She screams cries and acts exceptionally well but having seen her do this in practically every film you want to see more from her. Shroff is not scary nor does he do a great job.

RTMC is not a must watch kind of film, this one is optional. It’s entertaining in parts and boring in others. Be wise, choose well.