Firangi to roll out world’s popular shows

MUMBAI: Firangi, which will break new ground in Indian Television with the creation of a’World Television in Hindi category, has announced a line-up of exciting programmes to engage viewers starting 25 February.
Firangi will present audiences in India with fresh, contemporary and bold programs from across the globe. Some of the world’s most popular serials, including Lalola from Argentina, America from Brazil, Second Chance from Columbia and Dolmen from France, in addition to other programmes and world movies will be telecast.
Speaking about the newest addition to the portfolio of Sahara One Network, Sahara One Media And Entertainment and Aamby Valley City head Seemanto Roy said, “Firangi has taken a pioneering step in providing Indian audiences the opportunity to watch the world’s best programming in Hindi, a first for any network in India. This is in tune with our plans to strengthen the Sahara One Network by presenting fresh entertainment options to television viewers in the country.”
Firangi will offer viewers stories from around the world in Hindi. Its serials will be shorter and fast paced with each story lasting not more than six to eight months from beginning to end.
The channel is creating a unique programme guide that will provide an opportunity to both male and female viewers to enjoy their favourite daily soaps at various times during the day. Firangi will create two prime time bands – one from 5 – 8 pm for housewives and another from 9 pm – midnight for working women and men. Three dailies, Lalola, America and Second Chance have a run time of one hour and will be telecast during the two time bands.
The strategy for two time bands was arrived at after analysis of the viewing habits of Hindi serial viewers, especially those who watch dubbed content. The study revealed the early evening time band as a potential band for building stickiness and loyalty due to the lack of other options. The repeat during prime time, where the numbers and sampling probability is higher, is aimed at the working classes who watch TV later in the evening.
Introducing Firangi’s prime time shows, Firangi business head Rajeev Chakrabarti said, “We are confident that refreshing and contemporary stories such as Lalola, America, Second Chance and Dolmen will win the hearts of viewers across ages with their fascinating story lines. We have addressed the often-ignored quality of dubbing of international content into Hindi in our careful selection of voice artists and dubbing processes. We will set a new benchmark in dubbing quality. The dialogue delivery of voice artists will engage audiences leaving them riveted to the serials.”