Hearing of Indian films screening in Pakistan pushed to 28 January

Mumbai: Following petitions testing the screening of Indian films in Pakistan, the Lahore High Court has adjourned the hearing until 28 January 2009.

Pakistani Media reported that various petitions in accordance to this were moved by cinematographers association of Pakistan vice-chairman Muhammad Saleem Butt, Aslam Dar, Chaudhry Mahfooz, Zaraq Bari and Pakistan film workers association chairman Saghar Nawab. Additionally the request of Hasnain Naveed Raja to become involved in the case was also adjourned.

Prior to this, Mahfooz had filed a case requesting the ban on Indian films as it was illegal and outside legal jurisdiction. Furthermore, the subject of certificates issued by the Pakistan Central Board of Film Censors to Indian Films was raised. The respondents in the case include Pakistani ministries such as Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Culture and Chairman Censor reports the Pak Tribune.

Theater owners are crying foul as this means reduced revenue earnings for them. Many of them are questioning the already available films on local cable and the regulation of them as well. With the hearing still pending, recent releases like Chandni Chowk to China and Raaz-TMC were released in Pakistan. However it needs to be seen if the ban on Indian Films is instated.