Hrithik Roshan & director Arjun Sablok work together again after 7 years

MUMBAI: Actor Hrithik Roshan and director Arjun Sablok will be working together again after almost seven years.

Sablok earlier directed Roshan in 2002 in Na Tum Jaano Na Hum, after which the two worked together again, when Sablok directed the music video for Roshan’s Dhoom, in 2004. The duo have now come together for a music video, for a reality based show called Just Dance, for Star Plus.

Sablok is directing the promotional video starring Roshan, which is currently being shot as Yash Raj Studio. The video will also be shot across Mumbai in actual locations as well as on sets.

Speaking exclusively to, Sablok said, “I am happy to be working with Hrithik once again and it seems like yesterday, when we worked together. It just doesn’t feel like there’s been such a long gap. He’s a pleasure to work with and an amazing dancer.”

Hrithik will be seen dancing with a group of dancers. “The other characters in the video too are interesting. Today was our first day of shoot, but I never get tired working with Hrithik. One gets a high working with him, with the amount of talent he has, he’s just unbelievable!” added Sablok.