Hrithik Roshan gets Farhan Akhtar coached by Yajness Shhetty

Farhan Akhtar Coached Story

Farhan Akhtar Coached Story
Farhan Akhtar Coached Story
MUMBAI: Farhan Akhtar and Hrithik Roshan are childhood buddies. So when Akthar donned the actor’s cap, it was Roshan who helped him in every little way. And one way was by taking him to his martial arts expert, Yajness Shhetty, for Akthar’s latest film, Luck by Chance.

Shhetty is one of Bollywood’s best action masters. The martial arts expert has been coaching Roshan as a child and another childhood buddy of his, Uday Chopra. Both these youngsters developed their expertise under Shhetty and have flaunted their skills and moves in their movies. And now it was the turn of Akthar.

Shhetty was full of praise for Akthar. Discloses the fight guru, "Hrithik asked me to coach Farhan for some scenes in Luck By Chance. There is a scene on the beach, where Farhan had to do some action stunts. I think, he has done a fantastic job, especially since Farhan has never had any coaching, ever."

Akthar plays a struggling actor in sister, Zoya Akthar’s directorial debut, Luck by Chance. Farhan has produced the film in partnership with Ritesh Sidhwani. Luck by Chance releases on 30 January.