‘I am amazed by intelligent response of Indian audience’ – Roland Reber

MUMBAI: Filmmaker Roland Reber, whose  six films were shown in the Tribute Section of IFFI Goa 2009, was unsure that his films will be accepted in India. However the experience at IFFI Goa was a revelation.


"I was amazed by the intelligent response of the audience here," he said. 

Roland Reber has written more than 20 theatre plays and scripts as well as texts and poems. In 1981 he founded the Theatre Institute and worked as director, author and actor. He was head of the World Theatre Project (in the framework of the Decade for Cultural Development of the UNESCO and UN), which he founded in 1989 and worked, as director and author in Cairo, Mexico and the Caribbean. In 2003 his feature films The Room, Pentamagica and The Dark Side of our Inner Space were shown at the Calcutta International Film Festival.