INX Media’s 9XM turns one; to launch in US and Europe


Mumbai: INX Media’s music channel 9XM turned one year old this month. The channel is currently available in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Australasia and shall be launched in the United States and other European countries shortly.

According to an official release, the channel commands 41 per cent share of audience in India.

"The 9XM brand has become part of the youth culture in India organically by giving young people a platform to express themselves. Our launch strategy was to let young people discover the channel for themselves and identify with the brand. It rapidly took on a life of its own when young people began to interact with the channel via SMS messaging and discuss the brand within their own peer groups and online communities. What we are witnessing now is that same phenomenon in other countries such as the United Kingdom as our distribution network expands, taking the universal appeal of Bollywood song and dance to new markets around the world", said INX Media founder & CEO Indrani Mukerjea.

INX Media group director brand and communications Anthony Pettifer added, "For advertisers 9XM is an excellent fit with the youth market for brands such as Coca-Cola and Vodafone which benefit not only from the viewer numbers but also from the unique characteristics of the channel and its presentation style. This is often done by integrating advertisers’ messages and visual icons with the animated content in a natural, unforced way, where the advertiser’s brand is positively associated with the viewer’s affinity for 9XM."

One year on, 9XM reaches more than 56 million viewers each week in India alone. The channel is available to more than eight million subscribers on the BskyB platform in the United Kingdom, where it is also carried on the BBC/ITV satellite joint venture, freesat, making it possible for a huge British audience to experience the best of Bollywood music at any time they want.

INX Media head music entertainment channels Vikas Varma said, "In all, the channel can reach around 65 million viewers each week in more than 20 countries. SMS traffic to the channel is around 25,000 messages each day, and views of our animated VJ’s video clips on community sites such as YouTube are in the tens of thousands. As Bollywood films become even more popular around the world, 9XM is well-positioned to become the window through which young people in other countries are introduced to the music and dance that is so integral to the fabric of modern Indian films, and which transcend language and cultural barriers to be appreciated by anyone, anywhere."