Is the IPL over for India’s biggest peddlers?

MUMBAI: Shah Rukh Khan and Mahendra Singh Dhoni did everything to get the eyeballs for the second edition of the Indian Premier League. While SRK roped in brands like Sprite, Nokia and Star Plus to promote his franchisee Kolkata Knight Riders, Dhoni got Aircel to bring attention for his team, Chennai Super Kings. Unfortunately, both their teams are nowhere in the reckoning today.

Both SRK and Dhoni have a cult following in India and both of them went out of their way to ensure that their fan following would be extended to their teams too. However, both fell victim to poor performances of their players and as individual heroes do not feature in a team game like cricket, their magnetism could not ensure the desired victories for their teams.

But, both are heroes and nothing can stop them from bouncing back. And that will be something all their fans will be eagerly awaiting for.