Is Vishal Bharadwaj keeping Hrithik Roshan hanging?

MUMBAI: Hrithik Roshan is always super excited about his films. And after Guzaarish, the actor was all set to work with film maker Vishal Bharadwaj. However, things are not all hunky dory as Bharadwaj now appears keener to start his film with Priyanka Chopra. Infact, the film maker skipped the euphoria of the success of his home production, Ishqiya to fly down to the US to give Chopra a script narration.


Roshan had said at the start of Guzaarish, sometime mid July last year, "My next film will be with Vishal Bharadwaj and the film will be starting in June 2010. I have given him over a year to get everything ready for the shoot."


Six months hence and the status quo of projects seem to have changed. Bharadwaj, who is currently in America, was unavailable for comment. However sources close to the filmmaker say that he is more kicked about the Priyanka Chopra film, which will see her project seven different characters on screen. And to take the film to the next level, the director is with the actress fine tuning the script.