Jackie Chan’s stunt director trains Darsheel Safary for Zokkomon

MUMBAI: Jackie Chan’s stunt director, William Ong, has trained Darsheel Safary for his upcoming film, Zokkomon.
Disney’s Zokkomon has a lot of action sequences and stunts, which have been all done by Safary, with training by Ong.
A source says,"Darsheel trained for months to perfect his moves with international stunt director William Ong, who has worked with the legendary Jackie Chan.The stunt man was quite impressed with the child actor’s dedication to get it all right for the film.”
Safary said, “I loved doing the action sequences. I am thrilled to see myself as Zokkomon, all the special effects and action sequences are something I haven’t done before.”
Zokkomon is an action adventure film about an ordinary boy who meets unexpected challenges and rises as a super hero, with a backdrop of bravery and courage.
Directed by Satyajit Batkal, the film also stars Anupam Kher and Manjari Fadnis. Zokkomon hits theatres on 22 April, 2011.