Jai Veeru of 2009: Fardeen Khan & Kunal Khemu

MUMBAI: Kunal Khemu and Fardeen Khan could just take over from the Abhi-John pairing in Bollywood. In this era of male bonding, Khemu and Fardeen’s coming together for Puneet Sira’s Jai Veeru, will most likely remind audiences of hit films of the 70’s like Deewar and Shaan.

Jai and Veeru is the story of two men who are from different sides of the law who have to come together to fight a common enemy, played by Arbaz Khan. And using the hit name of Jai and Veeru from Sholay was a smart marketing move, declared the Veeru of the pair, Khemu. He explained, "The film is nothing like Sholay. But we have used the names of Jai and Veeru primarily to cash in on the friendship angle. Since the two names are synonymous with friendship, the film maker decided to use it as the title of the film. There is an instant connect with the audience with a name like that."

Fardeen and Khemu’s chemistry on screen is yet to be explored, but both are excellent actors in their given space. Fardeen has been part of many hit films and his last release of No Entry was a big grosser. And as for Khemu his histrionics has been well used by film makers like Mahesh Bhatt in Zakhm and Madhur Bhandarkar in Traffic Signal.

The two romance with Dia Mirza and Anjana Sukhani  in the film. Jai and Veeru will hit theatres on 11 March.