Kalki Koechelin takes to theater with Skeleton Woman

MUMBAI: Kalki Koechelin is busy with a new format to try out her acting abilities. The Dev D actress has been keeping herself busy by doing theater while she reads some scripts that have come her way.
Having co-written a play, Sketelon Woman, Kalki has been performing to packed houses in Delhi and Prithvi Theater in Mumbai. Talking about the play to Businessofcinema.com, Kalki said, "Skeleton Woman is based on a folk lore of the Inuit Tribe, who live in the North Pole. The story is about a couple, where the man is a writer who lives in his imaginary world, while the wife is very grounded. As the play progresses, the husband begins to believe in what he writes to be the real world, which results in tremendous chaos. Ultimately, there is a twist of fate, which brings the play to its climax."
Directed by Nayantara Kotian, the play has been adapted to a modern version. Kalki will soon be performing in Mumbai. The film scripts that have come her way, are yet to excite the young actress. But before she winds up, she does confess to the one skeleton in her cupboard, "I can scream and shout very loudly."