London calling for Bollywood

MUMBAI: Film London, the official body that oversees all film related cases in UK, is keen to share its expertise with its Indian counterparts to promote UK as a film destination and Bollywood amongst its multicultural audiences.


Bollywood is currently seen as a hot property in UK, and the fact that one of the biggest festivals in UK is themed ‘India Now’, is candid confession of the same. Says Film London head of international affairs Helena Mackenzie said, “Bollywood has managed to woo the audiences in UK and it’s not just the Indian inhabitants here but the locals too who are getting drawn towards Bollywood films.”


London has been a popular destination for many Bollywood movies and if estimates are to be believed, more than 40 such films have been shot in London over the last three years. Adds Mackenzie, “London has been a popular theme in many Bollywood films since it adds to its production value. In order to pace up with the requests pouring from the Hindi film industry for shoots in the capital of UK, Film London has created a new post to cater to this ever increasing demand.”


The time ahead holds a lot of promise for co-productions between UK and the Indian film bodies. At the moment the concept is being dealt at official levels and a consensus would mean a breakthrough for Indian and UK producers.


Film London is also planning to hold a two day conference of producers and financers from all across the world in October this year. The agenda as explained by Mackenzie is, “The two day conference in October will give Indian financers and producers a chance to cash in on the new possibilities that Film London plans to host. Today, London and Bombay are the biggest filmmaking centers in the world and the synergy between the two can spell new possibilities.”