Madhavan’s biggest innings in Bollywood

MUMBAI: R Madhavan, popularly known as Maddy is in Mumbai. The actor is flush with the success of his 13B thriller and is eager to say, “I have had to wait for such a long time, but finally I have a hit in Bollywood. I have done films like Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, seven years ago and never got the recognition that I got with 13B. And that is because it was marketed well. We as actors work hard, but publicity and a marketing strategy is required to earmark it from the rest of the clutter and I think Big Films has done an excellent job in its campaign.”

13B was simultaneously released in Hindi and Tamil. And Maddy, who is a superstar down south expressed his reservations about its Tamil release when he said, “In South, the heroes are larger than life. They sing and dance, have a comic track and have these great one liners, and here I was attempting to do a film of a thriller genre and of a character who was very simple. It was a huge risk but I decided to gamble with my image as I really liked the script of 13B. And when I saw the audiences clap and whistle, I was so relieved.”

Maddy has had to wait for his turn of fame and stardom in Bollywood. But with the success of a relatively small film, Maddy may have finally turned the tide in his favour.