Mallika Sherawat rocks Twitter HQ in San Francisco

Mallika Sherawat at Twitter HQ

Mallika Sherawat at Twitter HQ
Mallika Sherawat at Twitter HQ
MUMBAI: "Mallika, the temperature and glamour quotient at Twitter has gone way up!" is what Twitter CEO Evan Williams exclaimed as the actress arrived at the Twitter HQ in San Francisco yesterday.

Mallika Sherawat arrived in a stretch limousine, with fans and media channels waiting outside for her. The actress was mobbed for an hour by fans and press, signing autographs and doing interviews.

"I’m honored to be the first Asian star to be invited to Twitter. Jai Ho!" said Sherawat.

Sherawat greeted fans, signed autographs and posed for pictures outside Twitter’s headquarters and then gave some inspirational remarks to Twitter employees during the lunch break.

At the request of a Twitter executive, Sherawat even showed the employees a few Bollywood dance moves.

Twitter staff members informed Sherawat ‘s producers that "Since Mallika joined the Twitter service, membership in India has skyrocketed."

The promo of Sherawat ‘s forthcoming film Hisss was also shown to the Twitter employees. The movie is directed by Hollywood filmmaker Jennifer Lynch (daughter of David Lynch).