Maruti International executive producer to debut as director

MUMBAI: Times and trends are a changing in Bollywood, with actors turning producers, choreographers turning directors and producers and directors turning actors. The latest to join the trend will be Maruti International’s executive producer Umesh Sharma.

Sharma has just finished scripting his debut film, Shadow of Taj and plans to start his directorial venture by March 2009. Bollywood films today draw their inspiration from a variety of subjects like an extra marital affair, cricket, a journey by road, quest for power, psycho experiences suspense thrillers etc. Sharma’s film too has been inspired by a prevailing social issue.

Speaking to, Sharma says, "My film has been inspired by a certain social practice, which exists even today in spite of the progress our country has made. It is basically a love story with a very strong social message."

The film will be shot in a small town about 35 kms from Agra. The film will be produced by NRI Victor Bhalla of Canvas Pictures, who has earlier produced some English films like Jigsaw Puzzle, Shades of Grey etc. The budget of the film is approximately Rs 50 million (Rs 5 crores