Mika & Daler Mehndi come together for Salman’s Dus Ka Dum

MUMBAI: The two warring brothers are all set to bury their hatchet publicly on a television show. Daler Mehndi and Mika had a fall out several years ago and till date have not crossed each other’s path ever since. But now the duo will come together for none other than Salman Khan’s television show, Dus Ka Dum.

Khan is an unlikely candidate to bring two people together as he has been embroiled in many a controversy. But a person who filmed the show with Khan, said, "Salman is a people’s person and he is great to talk to. People have this misconception that Salman is an arrogant man. But it is all hogwash. And the brothers are lucky that they got Salman as their mediator."

The show with Daler Mehndi and Mika was to be shot later today, but unfortunately Khan has cancelled shooting as he is in tremendous pain with the torn back tissue.