Movie audiences prefer info based ads in theaters: survey

MUMBAI: Young Indians going to a theater for a movie prefer ads that are information based or campaign specific like banking, insurance, telecom, holiday packages or for products which are essential for the target segments. These were the findings of a cinema survey done by Dbase4media at an all India level from the advertising prospective. The first phase of the survey has been completed in Delhi.

"In our target age group we found that moviegoers are ideal to watch a movie with friends, it offers a tremendous value proposition for advertisers to reach a captive audience," Dbase4media founder and managing director Sudhanshu Srivastava said.

"The object of this cinema study is to find out the reach and frequency of cinema advertising for a wide range of demographic target audiences, the audience’s total focus and attention through cinema for a brand message and understanding of an ad. The aim of our study was to examine these findings using quantitative methodology and wished to understand, not whether a consumer recalled seeing a specific commercial, but how their perceptions towards a brand developed following exposure to cinema advertising."

In the first phase, top colleges, markets and cinema halls of Delhi were covered. It was found that despite the consumption of several media channels, people strongly accept that movie is best outgoing leisure activity. "Moreover, cinema audiences visits shopping malls and restaurants, which offers cross-promotional and several other advertising opportunities. Some remarkable feed back received from the age group of 18-23 and 19-45 the frequent moviegoers, agreed with the statement that they like the advertisement before movie as well in intervals in audio visual format, with this feedback an advertiser can select perfect route to target audience," Srivastava added.

The sample size of this survey is 8000 plus to understand the cinema advertising from the consumer point of view and to attract the advertisers to use this media. "The production quality of movies, the occupancy rates of cinema screens, the overall earnings of Indian movies, coupled with the footfall in multiplexes, single screens, restaurants and shopping malls are indicative of the fact that people are coming out of home for leisure activities," he concluded.