NDTV Convergence launches Tubaah.com

Mumbai: NDTV Convergence has entered the social video space with the launch of Tubaah.com. It currently houses more than 50,000 videos from NDTV portfolio.

The attempt is to create a social eco system for users to experience and manage their own tube, discuss, rate and build a collection of their favorite NDTV shows. Other than that, users can create personalized pages, follow groups and even post on social media.

"With the launch of Tubaah, we have not only taken one of the biggest steps in providing our users NDTV complete video repository but are also providing a platform for aggregation of content from other partners. We hope that this brings a paradigm shift in the way video content is being consumed in India. We would be extremely excited to see a stream of individual curators around their preferred content," said NDTV Convergence CEO Sanjay Trehan.