Pooja Bedi starts her own blog

Mumbai: There is more to me, than the sum of all the parts – writes Pooja Bedi as the first post on her blog. Inspired by the reach and powers of the Internet, Bedi is looking at using the channel to interact with fans.

Bedi intends to share her experiences, thoughts, opinions and tell more about herself in the blog. "This blog is my way of saying there’s a lot more to me than just a sum of all the parts people tend to gossip about. I am what I am and through this blog, you will in time, get to know the real me," writes Bedi.

For the person who believes deeply in the maxim ‘I am who I am’, the blog is way to share many aspects of her life. Taking the story of the Elephant and Five Blind Man, she talks about how different people have different perceptions about a person, based on what they hear or read about them. Often the person has more depth and creativity than people can see through.