Prime Focus completes Patiala House in its new one-stop-shop facility

MUMBAI: The Akshay Kumar starrer Patiala House, was delivered out of Prime Focus’ newly created one-stop-shop facility in Goregaon, Mumbai.
 This facility houses seven theatres and over 600 artist seats, along with a complete slate of visual effects, post and production services including VFX, DI and Film Mix. “We have worked on good 500 shots in a short span of one month and the VFX, though not evident in the movie, adds lot of life to the scenes. The movie also has a lot of scenes based on Cricket where it’s very difficult to create a ball on computer graphics and match it with the focus of the actor’s eyes! However, it’s not quantity over quality. We did it because both our facility and our people today are efficient to deliver this amount of work,” says Prime Focus co-founder & chief creative director, India Merzin Tavaria. “It’s an additional advantage for our clients as they do not have to travel to different service providers for their need of various processes of moviemaking,” he adds.
Prime Focus DI head and chief colourist Rohan Desai says, “For Patiala House the overall look and feel is very natural and de-sat. The Cricket match scenes in particular were quite challenging as they were shot in 3 different formats, i.e. RED, 5D and SUPER 35 and different weather conditions of London made the shots capture different lighting and look. It was a challenge to give a happy-bright feel to the entire match, while maintaining consistency at the same time.”