Priyanka Chopra’s Italian connection

MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra’s international allure in increasing by the day. As soon as news broke out that an international comic series, owned by flamboyant entrepreneur Richard Branson was going to feature her, it was followed by an invitation by the renowned Italian shoe designers, Salvatore Ferragamo to fly down to Italy to have her heel cast for posterity.

An excited Chopra revealed, “Inspite of my burn injuries which I sustained when I spilt hot water on it in my bathroom, I decided to fly down to Florence for this special moment. It is a matter of great honour as only a few selected international celebrities like Angelina Jolie have had the privilege of having their heels cast by the famous designer house.”

Chopra is flying high after bagging all the best actress awards this year for her gutsy performance in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion. Looks like the year has started on the right note for the actress, who is slowly but steadily inching her way to not just international fame.