Ranbir Kapoor signed as ambassador for the Marks For Sports campaign

MUMBAI: Ranbir Kapoor is now the ambassador for the Marks For Sports Campaign an initiative by a channel that aims to encourage schools and colleges to take up sports as a serious subject.
The Marks For Sports campaign aims to propel the use of sports as a means for tolerance, respect and peace and to facilitate communication and dialogue among people.
Says a source from the campaign ,“With Marks for Sports we aim to push sports as a subject to be seriously taken and graded because of the benefits it brings with it. Ranbir Kapoor is a youth-icon and someone that Gen-X relates to and hence he was apt to represent the campaign.”
 Kapoor said, “I am honoured to be part of  Marks For Sports. It is something I truly believe in .I’ve always been an avid sports fan but it’s my belief that this isn’t enough-the country needs to take sports more seriously and not just as a hobby. As part of Marks For Sports, I hope to strive to do just that.”