Rani Mukherji refuses to endorse insect repellant body cream

MUMBAI: Rani Mukherji likes to get her own way. One can see how the actress won the producers and channel to get her favorite contestants to remain in the hunt for the title of Dance Premiere League, where she is the sole judge. And the story does not end there. She has continued to be the face for a mosquito repellant company even after she refused to bow down to their demands.

Sitting pretty wearing a pair of casual cargos and a pink tee, Mukherji was shooting for Good Knight, a mosquito repellant company at the Yash Raj Studios in suburban Mumbai, recently. The actress was asked to do the company’s newly launched body cream that works as an insect repellant, but Rani had refused. A friend close to the actress revealed, “Rani did not want to endorse a cream like this which would have closed doors to other cream companies. So she voiced her reservations.”