Reliance ADAG’s BIG Synergy mulls 13B television series

MUMBAI: Reliance ADAG’s television production houses BIG Productions and BIG Synergy are planning to develop and adapt the thriller flick 13 B into a television series in India.

The film released on 6 March and stars R Madhavan and Neetu Chandra and is directed by National award winning Vikram K. Kumar. It has been produced by BIG Pictures.

BIG Synergy and BIG Productions are in talks with two Indian broadcasters to make 13B – Fear has a New Address into a TV series.

BIG Productions head Vishal Dembla says, “The genre has always garnered interest from broadcasters and television audiences. The success of the film and its unique plot has helped us get very positive responses and we will close with a major broadcaster very soon.”

The movie is also being showcased to international buyers for dubbing and remake rights as well as for home video distribution in foreign languages. As was already reported by, independent studio The Weinstein Company, which is owned by Harvey and Bob Weinstein, has shown interest in the project and has approached BIG Pictures for the screenplay of the film.