Reliance BIG Home Video introduces 20 Oscar winning titles

MUMBAI: Reliance BIG Home Video, in keeping with the Oscar spirit has introduced a new series, consisting of 20 titles that have won the Best Picture Oscar from the year 1942 till 2000. Some of these films include Gladiator (Best Picture 2000), The Godfather (Best Picture 1972), Ben-Hur (Best Picture 1959), Gone with the Wind (Best Picture 1939), The Departed (Best Picture 2006),Shakespeare in Love (Best Picture 1998), The Godfather Part 2 (Best Picture 1974), Around the world in 80 days (Best Picture 1956), Casablanca (Best Picture 1943) & Mrs. Miniver (Best Picture 1942).


In order to popularize both the Oscars and the collection, Reliance BIG Home Video is organizing a Best Picture quiz program. This exciting and innovative quiz program will be held in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore & Hyderabad from 13 February  to 6 March 2010. The quiz program is open to all and the winners will receive special gifts.


The quiz contest is being promoted extensively across press, BIG FM, face book, twitter, and retail outlets. BIG FM is promoting the event with a special commercial radio spot which talks about the details of quiz program. There would be Special RJ mention, exciting trivia about Best Picture Collection will be shared. On the retail front, Crossword & Reliance Time Out is treating Best Picture as the event of the year by sending mailers to their loyal customer base, SMS blasts & Special POP’s at the outlet.