Reliance BIG TV introduces regional content on PPV

MUMBAI:  Reliance BIG TV(RBTV), is introducing special Gujarati content on its PPV channels.

The company’s strategy in introducing Gujarati content is aimed at driving revenue growth in Gujarati speaking centers of Mumbai and Gujarat State. As part of the introduction of Gujarati content, RBTV has bought the DTH rights to premiere the Gujarati film Dholi Taaro Dhol Waage on its PPV channels from 9 December. The film will be available for a period of one month. Customers can watch the film on a pay-per-view basis for Rs 50 for 24-hour access.

Reliance BIG TV senior vice-president Umesh Rao said, "The introduction of Gujarati content is in line with our overall plans to enhance Regional content bouquet on our PPV platform. We will offer Regional movies, plays & other niche content to cater to the needs of our discerning subscribers. Whilst our core strategy retains focus on pan-India offerings, we are building stronger capabilities in executing Regional programs as well."