Salman Khan to meet and work out with highest bidder on eBay India

MUMBAI: Actor Salman Khan will work out with the highest bidder on eBay India .On the occasion of the Joy of Giving Week, eBay India announced a special charity auction where one can bid for a private gym training session with Khan.

The charity auction started on Sunday, 19 September , 2010 and will end on Sunday, 26 September, 2010 with all the proceeds benefiting The Research Society which aims to provide care, counseling, education, training and rehabilitation to special children. Bidding on the auction starts at Rs. 1,001. Khan’s fans all over the world can bid and win to meet and train with Khan.

As part of the gym session, Khan will not only work out with the highest bidder but will also provide inputs on fitness which need to be followed to achieve a chiseled physique.