Sanjay Gupta gifts Tinu Varma a Rolex

Mumbai: Sanjay Gupta has gifted a Rolex GMT worth Rs 6 lakhs to action director Tinu Varma. A source close to Gupta said, "Gupta was so impressed with the kind of action sequences that Varma had created for Acid Factory that he decided to gift him the watch. It was Gupta’s way of showing that he admired Varma’s professionalism and work."

Varma was moved by Gupta’s generous gesture. He said, "I have always believed White Feather Film to be like my own production house. I’ve given my heart and soul to it. Acid Factory is extremely special to me and I have left no stone unturned to make the action sequences as thrilling as possible. Besides a lot of innovative action, we have used every other possible trick in the book. I’m looking forward to the film’s release. Acid Factory is my best and biggest film till date."